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FOTON Super Powertrain Helps Oil and Gas Transportation in Laos

Date:2021-12-01 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

LAOS, December 1 /chinatrucks.com/ -- As we can see from the image below , there is a devout Buddhist monk praying for the fleet in front of rows of FOTON AUMAN EST trucks in Vientiane, a city with rich Buddhist cultural deposits. This is exactly the delivery site where FOTON Motor handed over 40 heavy-duty trucks, including 20 semi-trailer tankers and 20 Semi-trailer tractors, to Lao oil and gas Transportation Company. After delivery, these trucks will be used for long-haul transportation of refined oil products in the region.


The customer’s company is owned and operated by a Southeast Asian International Transportation Group, which makes a high demand on vehicle performance due to the complexity and special properties of oil and gas. To meet customer's requirements, all vehicles delivered this time are FOTON AUMAN EST model specifically designed for long-distance transportation.

AUMAN EST is equipped with Foton Super Powerchain System, which is produced and integrated by FOTON Motor, together with Joint Venture partners Cummins and ZF. As part of the super powertrain, the engine can deliver up to 430 horsepower, which was paired with a 16-speed fully synchronous manual transmission. These configurations make the vehicle to provide more advantages when performing construction and special operation tasks and maximize the vehicle performance in safety, fuel economy and reliability.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the automotive market has continued to be sluggish in the past two years. However, FOTON Motor has showed an upward trend in the Southeast Asian market. With the delivery of these AUMAN EST in Laos, it will further strength FOTON Motor’s market position in Southeast Asia. Soon afterwards, AUMAN AMT automatic products will also be introduced to the Lao market in due course to promote efficient operation in local transport industry.


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