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FOTON Motor Ranked First in Exports for the 11th Year in a Row

Date:2022-01-29 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

OVERSEAS MARKET, Jan 29 (chinatrucks.com) -- According to data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China’s domestic commercial vehicle production and sales volume for the year 2021reached 4.674 million units and 4.793 million units, down by 10.7% and 6.6% y/yrespectively. The continued decline in industry sales for the second half of the year makes a sharp contrast with the 13 consecutive months of rising ending in mid-2021.

FOTON Motor Ranked First in Exports for the 11th Year in a Row

However, FOTON Motor is an exception in that regard. FOTON Motor not only ranked first in the domestic commercial vehicle industry with sales of 650,000 units, but it also ranked first among exports forthe 11th consecutive year with 56,000 export volume and a 43.7% year-on-year increase.

Good annual results in both domestic and overseas markets not only highlight “the strong will always be strong”, but also further widen FOTON’s lead in technological innovation, product innovation, marketing innovation and global layout.Without these innovation advantages, it would not be possible for FOTON to achieve No. 1 for 11 consecutive years in the face of various demands in different overseas markets.

ContinuousTechnological Innovation andDiversified Portfolio of Products

To meet the diversified needs in overseas market, FOTON Motor has taken the market as the guiding orientation and technology and service as core competitiveness. Relying on its core competitiveness developed in overseas markets, FOTON Motor has developed a premium product portfolio consisting of heavy-duty trucks, light-duty trucks and pickups and provides sustained impetus for overseas market through precise product iterations and upgrades.

In January 2021, Foton Motor and Piaggio Group jointly released their new light commercial vehicle, new Porter NP6 in Italy. Since its market launch,Foton Piaggio has sold a total of 7080 New Porter NP6 to customers in Europe. New Porter NP6 not only represents a new milestone in the company's history, but alsois of great significance for Chinese auto industry, which marks the beginning of technology output to Europe from Chinese commercial vehicles with FOTON as a representative.

FOTON Motor Ranked First in Exports for the 11th Year in a Row

Furthermore, FOTON Motor launched two new products, AUMARK S 9T and AUMARK E 6T light trucks in the Philippines in December 2021. These products have been developed to meet the constant upgrading demand for load capacity, safety and efficiency in light truck logistics transport. FOTON AUMARK S 9T was developed based on the cutting-edge innovative technologies led by Europe. Measuring 20 feet long, AUMARK S 9T has a 6.1-ton payload capacity. It is powered by a Cummins 3.8-liter diesel engine, matched with a ZF 6-speed manual transmission. It boasts a 3.8L displacement with a maximum power output of 168hp and torque of 600N•m. A large variety of options, including dropside, jeepney, crane truck and freight transport bodies, will be available for engineering dumping, passenger transport and logistics transportation purposes.

FOTON Motor Ranked First in Exports for the 11th Year in a Row

In addition to product iterations and upgrades, FOTON Motor also provides a various product portfolio consisting of heavy trucks, light trucks, pickup trucks and VANsto meet the needs in different overseas markets. As a commercial vehicle enterprise with the most complete variety and largest scale in China, FOTON Motor has launched acomplete product portfolio and made continuous innovation onthe products in overseas markets, whichenables it to achieve fruitful outcome even in the face of a complex competitivemarket environment.

Combination ofLocalization Strategy and Overseas Layout

As one of the first enterprises to go global, FOTON Motor has been committed to expanding the global market, which is the key to its breakthrough in overseas market. Localizationstrategyandoverseaslayout are among the most important factors it contributes to this process.

Foton Motor has three global R&D centers and 17 technical centerslocated in countries such as China, Japan and Germany, 4 major industrial bases in Russia, Thailand, Vietnam and Kenya, and 27 KD factories in Vietnam, Pakistan and Colombia and other countries.It now has expanded its partner network to over 100 dealerships and 200 sales outlets in 20 key overseas markets, and increased the service network to 1400 shops in 80 major countries and regions to ensure full-time service available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.All these achievements will lay a solid foundation for FOTON Motor to expandfurther to more than 110 countries of Asia Pacific, Central and South America, Africa and CIS regions.

FOTON Motor Ranked First in Exports for the 11th Year in a Row

Thanks to the continued progress in localization strategy, FOTON Motor ended the past year with a splendid success despite the global pandemic.

Foton has reportedly developed a strategic plan of"2+3+N" for the overseas market, namely, takeChina and Germany as the two major operation centers, makebreakthroughs in three developed countries and regions including European Union, Japan&Korea and North America and implement the industrialization involvingthe entire value chain of automotive business from R & D, procurement, manufacturing, sales to servicein Russia, Thailand, Brazil, India, Mexico and other places.

In other words, all this workFOTON didis to help boost the localindustrial upgrading and provide high value-added products and services to local users by deepening the global industrialization layout under technological innovation. In this way, Foton has blossomed everywhere in overseas markets: The Southeast Asian marketsaw the fastest growth after a decade presence there with Philippines/Vietnam ranking first in Chinese domestic exports;The American market ranked the first in terms of market share in fuel vehicles in Chile and createdasinglemonthlyexportrecordof 1,780 units; 75 Foton pure electric buses were delivered to the Indian government; 220 FOTON AUMAN asphalt tank trucks were putin operation in the customer's fleet in the asphalt industry at the customer's plant in Abuja, Nigeria for use in road construction work.

FOTON Motor Ranked First in Exports for the 11th Year in a Row

Over the past 25 years, FOTON Motor has achieved the milestone of 700,000 commercial vehicles cumulative exports. In the future, FOTON Motor will definitely take on more responsibilities, alongsideBelt and Road and Made in China 2025 initiatives, and act as a benchmark enterprise for Chinese trucks to go global.


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