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JAC Celebrates Its 200000th Pickup Roll Off the Production Line

Date:2022-05-24 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On May 23, JAC saw its 200000th mass-produced pickup roll off the line, and launched presales for the Hantu Shanmao and lvmo editions at the JAC Manufacturing Center in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, China.

The completion of 200000 pickup marks an important milestone in JAC’s development and a major industry event.

The roll-off of its 200000th pickup demonstrated JAC’s strong manufacturing capacity in Yangzhou production base. JAC Yangzhou production base started to build from March 2013. The production base has owned many advantages such as green, environmental protection, intelligent which has reached the advance level of industry.

At present, JAC pickup has won many fanatics in China by virtue of its fashionable design and hardcore strength, and become a “Chinese Business Card” among overseas customers. In 2021, JAC’s pickup sales in China reached over 33177 units, ranking among the top five. While in overseas market, JAC’s pickup exports increased by 138 % to 10000 units from a year ago from Jan. to Apr.2022. Particular in Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, JAC has achieved a strong sales performance and been seen as a model for Chinese brand going global.

In March 2021, 42 JAC T6 pickup trucks were turned over to Oyo state government in Nigeria. 
In May, 2022, Bolivian fire fighting system added JAC pickups into its fleet to guarding public safety in Bolivia. 
In April,2022, JAC secured another large order, totalling 280 units JAC T8 pickup trucks, from a pickup leasing company. 
In 2021,JAC T8 pickup team has won both 1st and 2nd place in Ecuador's most iconic rally race, the Vuelta a la Republica!
In March 2022, 1000 JAC Pickups were exported to Mexico. 
Saudi Arabia
In December, 2021, JAC delivered 400 units of JAC T8 pickups to Saudi Arabia, surpassing the American brands as the third largest brand in the Saudi market. 


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