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Jiefang J7 Tractor Gets EU WVTA certification

Date:2022-08-10 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, FAW Jiefang J7 tractor successfully passed the EU WVTA certification implemented according to the EU type-approval framework regulation (Regulation (EU) 2018/858), becoming the first heavy-duty fuel tractor in China to pass the EU WVTA certification at Euro VI-E stage. Its successful certification marks not only a solid step for J7’s entry into the European market, but also an important milestone in Jiefang’s globalization process. Afterwards, the J7 tractor could be exported to EU member states and non-EU member states that require WVTA, accelerating the globalization of Chinese heavy-duty trucks.

If domestic automotive companies want to be qualified to enter the European market, they must pass the EU vehicle type approval (WVTA). WVTA certification includes a number of tests related to safety, performance, environmental friendly and collision and comprehensive, high-standard tests performed on key components such as vehicle electrical units, general configurations and powertrains. As one of the most valuable certification systems in the world, this certification is accepted throughout the EU without the need for further testing until a directive is updated or your design changes.

Jiefang J7, featuring high reliability, safety, low carbon emissions and intelligence, is China's most advanced heavy-duty truck for the modern, highly efficient logistics market in China. The successful certification of EU WVTA reflects that Chinese commercial tractors have opened the door to the most demanding European market. With a service life of up to1.5 million kilometers for core components, Jiefang J7 keeps users away from maintenance. With active and passive intelligent safety control technologies applied throughout the vehicle, J7 allows users to drive with confidence. Furthermore, modular design is used throughout the vehicle to allow the user to choose whatever they want. In addition, Jiefang J7, as the world's first L2-class highway tractor to enter into mass production, has set the industry standard for intelligent internet-connected commercial vehicles. Since its launch in 2018, Jiefang J7 has won the 2019 Chinese Truck of the Year award and the First Prize of the 2020 China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award, and has been unanimously accepted by customers from both inside and outside the industry.

Looking forwards to the future, FAW Jiefang will focus on continuous technological innovation to accelerate its development in the global market and strive to achieve the strategic goal of “China's first, the world's leading”.


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