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First 24 Hydrogen Sanitation Vehicles Put into Use in Guangzhou

Date:2022-08-11 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, the first 24 hydrogen-powered sanitation vehicles were put into service in Huangpu District, Guzhou. According to local media reports, the maximum driving range is 400 kilometers per charge. Refuelling a full tank of hydrogen takes about four to eight minutes, shorter than that of a full electric sanitation vehicle.

These vehicles will be deployed to do some road cleaning work, including road washing, sweeping, watering and dust reduction in Huangpu District, said the head of the district's urban management department.

Equipped with a fuel cell motor with high energy, high power density and longer range, the sanitation vehicle is capable of operating continuously. In addition, it is zero emission because when hydrogen is consumed, only water is produced.

The hydrogen fuel cell and systems fitted to these hydrogen sanitation vehicles are produced by Guangzhou Xiongtao Qingheng Technology Co., Ltd, a joint venture company of Guangzhou High-Tech Modern Energy Group Co. Ji Fangting, Chairman of Xiongtao, said the company and Guangzhou Bus Group have operated the first  demonstration line 388 for hydrogen buses in Guangzhou, with a cumulative mileage of nearly 2.8 million kilometres and reduction of nearly 2,000 tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions.

The company plans to launch 500 hydrogen cold chain vehicles in the logistics sector to further reduce carbon emissions, added Ji Fangting.

A Hydrogen Refueling Station called Xinhai Energy Lianxin has obtained the hydrogen business license.The station will then be able to provide hydrogen refueling services for hydrogen energy logistics vehicles and buses operating in and around Huangpu District in Guangzhou.


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