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XCMG Wide-body Full Electric Dumper Delivered to Fortune Global 500

Date:2022-08-17 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

CHINA -- Recently, XCMG reached an in-depth cooperation with a Fortune Global 500, a large state-run energy and chemical enterprise located in Northwest China on promoting the development of green mining. As part of the cooperation, XCMG delivered 10 XGE90 full electric wide-body dump trucks to the latter for transporting building materials and mining exploitation.

XCMG Wide-body Full Electric Dumper Delivered to Fortune Global 500

“This is the first time for us to use a full electric wide-body dumper. During the trial period, XCMG's full electric dump truck performed far beyond our expectations, which make us more confident about achieving a further cooperation.” according to the person in charge.XCMG Wide-body Full Electric Dumper Delivered to Fortune Global 500

XGE90 pure electric wide body mining dumper is suitable for running on downhill sections for medium-heavy and heavy loads as well as up and downhill road sections for heavy loads. The vehicle is equipped with a braking energy recovery system that allows braking energy to be recovered, thus maximizing the vehicle's range.

What's more, the vehicle adopts electric clutch shift, which effectively reduces the wear on the motor gears. The LiFePO4 pack is equipped with an independent water cooling system to ensure that the battery operates at the proper temperature while ensuring safe and reliable charging and discharging. The front suspension uses a large-bore oil and gas suspension, which further improves the vehicle’s load-bearing capacity, comfort and reliability.XCMG Wide-body Full Electric Dumper Delivered to Fortune Global 500

The frame adopts a new generation of high-strength rigid frame, with stronger strength and high load-bearing capacity, after a comprehensive upgrade was conducted to its structural form and welding process.

XCMG started to lay out new energy products as early as 2016 and was the first in the industry to develop wide-body dump trucks. Up to now, XCMG has launched more than 20 products powered by both full electric drive and hybrid drive, with operation modes ranging from battery swapping, charging, hybrid drive to extended hybrid drive, providing practical samples for the subsequent decentralized drive.


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