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Dongfeng Teqi to Export 300 New Energy Commercial Vehicles to the United States

Date:2022-08-24 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

THE UNITED STATES(chinatrucs): Dongfeng Teqi (Shiyan) Passenger Coach Co., Ltd.(hereafter referred to as Dongfeng Teqi) will export 300 new energy commercial vehicles successively to the United States through CENNTRO Automotive Group Limited(hearafter referred as CENNTRO Group) by the end of October this year. The first 50 vehicles of the order (Model LS400) were handed over to CENNTRO Group on August 22.

CENNTRO Group was reportedly to be listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market in 2021. The model LS400, a pure electric Class II chassis commercial vehicle specifically made for the U.S. market, was jointly developed by both parties through leveraging Dongfeng Teqi’s strengths in R&D and manufacturing capability and CENNTRO Group’s overseas resources. The vehicle is designed to be intelligent, electric and user-friendly and has been selected with a long-headed body that meets the U.S. market's requirements for safe structure. With a driving range of up to 220km per charge, It is particularly applicable for short/medium distance logistics, express and urban distribution transport.  

"The first batch of 300 new energy commercial vehicles is scheduled to be delivered by the end of October." said Mao Ruiping, general manager of Dongfeng Teqi (Shiyan) Passenger Coach Co., Ltd.

"This is the first electric commercial vehicles exported from China to the United States, and it will be recorded in the history of Chinese commercial vehicle development", said Wang Zuguang, chairman and CEO of CENNTRO Group. In the future, the two sides will also increase R&D investment based on the demand of the U.S. market and jointly develop better new energy commercial vehicles to support the green transportation globally.


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