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4200 Units! Why FAST Hydraulic Retarder Is So Popular in Overseas Market

Date:2022-08-25 Author:Mia Source:www.chinatrucks.com

OVERSEAS(chinatrucks): Recently, 4200 tractors and dump trucks that are equipped with FAST hydraulic retarder were successfully delivered to overseas major customers. With global commercial vehicle users demanding higher and higher safety performance, it generates a rigid demand for FAST hydraulic retarder and makes it increasingly favored by overseas users.

The vehicles delivered are to be used mainly for carrying goods in complex operating environments, such as coal mines and swamp. FAST hydraulic retarder, as a safety auxiliary braking device, has many functions including constant speed function, braking function, combined braking, braking indication, EBS coordination, cooling coordination, over-temperature protection, to ensure the safety of users under different extreme working conditions.

In recent years, FAST hydraulic retarder has seen significant increase in overseas sales and been proven to be safe, efficient and cost-saving after years of market validation. 


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