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Chenglong Delivers 200 New Energy Light Trucks to YTO Epxress

Date:2022-10-17 Author:Bill Source:www.chinatrucks.com

BEIJING, CHINA(chinatrucks) -- Recently, 200 Chenglong new energy light trucks were delivered to YTO Express at its cargo distribution center located in Beijing, drawing wide attention from the industry.

These new energy trucks will be put into service at each of YTO Express’s courier outlet in Beijing to ensure the efficient delivery of parcels and contribute to Beijing's goal for blue sky.

The new energy light trucks delivered this time are developed based on the "zero carbon" concept and has the advantages of long range, intelligence and high reliability. There are two models available, with 89 and 100 kWh of battery power. Equipped with Jingjin and Dongfeng Dana motors respectively and CATL’s LiFePO4 battery, the range of them can reach 376 and 400 km respectively at constant speed and standard load to cover many different urban transport assignments.

Data shows that in 2022 new energy logitstics trucks make up around 70% of the commercial vehicle market.

With roughly trillions Yuan in size, the logistics industry will release a huge market demand for new energy trucks as the transition to green transportation accelerates.

Chenglong is among the first to layout urban logistics market and has launched its L2 new energy light truck as early as 2018. After 4 years of efforts, Chenglong has kept ahead of the competition either in terms of technology, service or brand reputation. The delivery of these new energy trucks to YTO Express will strengthen its dominant position in city distribution & logistics market and lay the foundation for its further expansion to other markets across China.


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