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JMC Kairui EV Helps a Chilean Company to Win “Distinguished Partner Award”

Date:2022-12-13 Author:Bill Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Chile(chinatrucks)--With JMC Kairui EV, Roda Energia, a Chilean Company, was selected from among 5 companies with 520 votes as the winner of “Distinguished Partner Award” for the “recycling initiative” project of the Green Building Week competition organized by the Chilean Green Building Council.

“Distinguished Partner Award” was made in recognition of those projects developed by Green Building Council companies and partner organizations within the recycling and carbon neutral framework. The JMC Kairui EV participating in this election can carry 3 tons of cargo with a cargo volume of 18 cubic meters. Under full load, it offers a combined range of 210 kilometers and can be fully charged in 2 hours through fast charging.

Anwar salami, manager of Roda energia, said after winning the award: “We are honored to receive this award, which highlights the importance of public-private partnerships in developing innovative projects. When these organizations work together, they can achieve better results, as illustrated by this example. The project is of direct benefit to the community.

The JMC Kairui EV is a big seller in overseas markets. In Chile, Kairui EV was among the top-selling electric light trucks in 2021, and this “Distinguished Partner Award” again shows the official approval for Kairui EV.


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