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XCMG Announces Entry into Light Truck Sector, Aims to Sell 10,000 Units in 2023

Date:2022-12-29 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On December 23rd, XCMG held a press conference in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province to launch its Hanchi Star series light trucks. At the press conference, XCMG unveiled three new products to the public for the first time, including Tianwangxing, Haoshengxing and Junengxing, and revealed that four other "star" products will be rolled out next year.

According to the report, XCMG has set Hanchi as its primary brand for light trucks, and accordingly named the fuel model as XCMG Hanchi, the pure electric model as Hanchi EV and the hybrid model as Hanchi Twin Engine based on different types of power they use.

When it comes to the goals of XCMG Light Truck, Wei Zhongliang, General Manager of XCMG Light Truck, said:“The first part of our goal is to continue to strengthen the foundation, put it on the stock market and set to exceed the 10000-units sales mark in 2022-2023. The second goal is to be the industry leader in the segment and enters the top ten in the industry from 2023 to 2025. In the third part, we aim to become a major player in the industry and to be among the first echelon of new energy light trucks in 2025~2030.

Fan Zhenxing, general manager of XCMG Light Truck Marketing Company, revealed to us that XCMG will launch a full range of light trucks powered by pure electric, hybrid, fuel and hydrogen to meet the needs of different application scenarios such as urban logistics, intercity logistics, municipal sanitation, construction dumping and cold chain transportation in the future.


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