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FuelSense® 2.0 with DynActive™ Shifting

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  • FuelSense® 2.0 with DynActive™ Shifting
  • FuelSense® 2.0 with DynActive™ Shifting
  • FuelSense® 2.0 with DynActive™ Shifting
Product Description
Increase Your Profitability And Your Vehicle’s Value
Our original FuelSense® technology helped customers gain a significant increase in fuel economy with its innovative features. The next in a long line of proprietary innovations from Allison, FuelSense® 2.0 improves fuel economy while maintaining the long-established Allison advantages of superior performance, industry-leading reliability and a low total cost of ownership. FuelSense 2.0 has demonstrated the highest potential fuel savings in demanding duty-cycles of city bus, school bus, refuse, construction and distribution applications because of their heavy start-stop needs.
Fuel Economy Improvements* In Fleet Testing

FuelSense® 2.0 presents new and upgraded FuelSense® features to provide even more precise balancing of fuel economy and performance:
DynActive™ Shifting—This new innovative shift scheduling uses an algorithm to choose the most efficient shift points, based on your specifications, vehicle and environmental parameters. Older shifting technologies use shift schedules with fixed shift points.
Neutral at Stop—This feature trims fuel consumption and emissions by reducing or eliminating the load on the engine when the vehicle is stopped. There are two versions of Neutral at Stop: 
Standard – Provides partial (first-level) neutral at stop.
Premium – Provides full neutral at stop and a new, low-speed coasting capability. Both versions lock the output while stopped to mitigate rollback.
Acceleration Rate Management—A feature that mitigates aggressive driving by automatically controlling engine torque. Newly updated, in addition to five levels of control, it provides more precision by limiting vehicle acceleration to a customized calibrated rate.
3 Package From Which To Choose
FuelSense® 2.0 allows you to select the appropriate fuel-saving features that are right for your fleet.
FuelSense® 2.0 with DynActive™ Shifting Our standard package of FuelSense features gives you infinitely variable shift scheduling instead of traditional table-based scheduling.
FuelSense® 2.0 Plus with DynActive™ Shifting Adds an improved Neutral at Stop, which reduces the load on the engine when the vehicle is stopped for additional fuel savings.
FuelSense® 2.0 Max with DynActive™ Shifting Includes both Neutral at Stop and enhanced Acceleration Rate Management features. Not only can you save fuel when your vehicle is stopped, you can limit vehicle acceleration to a rate set just for you.

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