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Dongfeng Dana EP5 Axle

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  • Dongfeng Dana EP-Axle 5
Product Description
EP-Axle 5/Product Introduction

EP-Axle product is the G4 pure electric drive axle product of DONGFENG Dana Axle. Adhering to the research and development concept of "innovation-driven, leading the future." It is tailored for pure electric buses urban logistics vehicles and integrates "motor, transmission shaft and drive axle." It adopts the brand new EP-Axle trademark. The power system of the product is highly centralized to facilitate battery arrangement for the complete vehicle, and the integrate structure will adapt to the working conditions of pure electric vehicles.

EP-Axle 5 are applied to the market of pure electric logistics lightweight trucks and special vehicles with GVW not more than 4.5 tons.

EP-Axle 5/Product Characteristics

Easy to arrange: the drive system is highly integrated, which effectively release the chassis space;

High economy: the comprehensive efficiency of the system is 2% higher than that of the traditional direct drive, with the weight loss of the system of more than 60Kg and 100% of the anti-support torque, thus significantly improving the endurance mileage;

High comfort: the cab noise does not exceed 70dB, bring more pleasant driving experience to users;

Low maintenance cost: the warranty of the axle assembly is 8 year/500,00km, the motor control warranty is 5 years or 200,000 kilometers, and the oil change interval mileage of the main reducing gear reaches 100,000 Km, achieving a higher attendance rate and lower maintenance cost.

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