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Dongfeng Dana EP-Axle28D

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  • Dongfeng Dana EP-Axle28D
  • Dongfeng Dana EP-Axle28D
Product Description

EP-Axle28D/Product Introduction

EP28D product is the G4 pure electric drive axle product of Dongfeng Dana Axle. Adhering to the research and development concept of “innovation-driven, leading the future”, it is tailored for medium and heavy truck pure electric special vehicles with the central arrangement of the plug-in motor. It integrates “AMT, motor and drive axle”, and has the characteristics of highly integrated product, convenient chassis arrangement of the complete vehicle, etc., enabling it to adapt to the application of pure electric vehicles under complex working conditions.

EP28D products are mainly applied to the market of the medium and heavy pure electric sanitation vehicles with GVW of 23T.

EP-Axle28D/Product characteristics

High economy: system matching based on working conditions, and double-speed arrangement of reducer assembly, greatly improve the overall efficiency of the assembly, reduce the weight of the system by more than 400Kg, and effectively improve the endurance mileage;

High reliability: combined with typical working conditions, gears and bearings are designed with high service life, which improves the cleanliness of the axle assembly; unique lubrication design, prolongs the service life of the assembly.

Improve the convenience and safety of the chassis arrangement of the vehicle; exchangeable with the traditional axle interface, the Hk size of the axle line is the smallest compared with the same specification, which is convenient for the chassis arrangement of the vehicle, and the battery can be arranged in the middle of the frame to improve the use safety of the vehicle;

High maintenance convenience: modular design of the assembly, plug-in motor, independent arrangement of reducer and AMT, making maintenance more convenient;

High comfort: automatic gear shifting brings more pleasant driving experience to users.

EP-Axle28D Product Configuration Parameters
Platform EP28D
Rated Load(kg) 13000
Axle Housing Form  
Axle Housing Section (mm) 158*158
Rim Mounting Distance A(mm) 1832
Spring Distance B(mm) 1030
Max Torque(N.m) 28000
Ratio 54.32/18.72
Motor Voltage(V) 540
Motor Peak/Rated Power (Kw) 160/90
Motor Max/Rated Speed (rpm) 9000/4300
Brake Specifications Air Brake/φ410*180、22.5
Fitting Rim 9.00*22.5
Fitting Tire 295/80R22.5
Wheel Bolt Distance Circle C(mm) φ335
Wheel Bolt 10-M22*1.5
Optional Configuration Maintenance Free/Low Maintenance Hub Unit


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