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Dongfeng Dana D400 Rear Single Axle

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Product Description

D400/TD400/Product Introduction

400 product is a new generation of truck axle independently developed by Dongfeng Dana Axle. The high reliability and lightweight design make it a medium and high-end product with comprehensive competitiveness.

440 products are applied to the truck market with GVW of 16-31t.

D400/TD400/Product characteristics

High-capacity bearings and high-strength connecting pieces improve the strength and reliability of the system;

The low noise gear design technology reduces connecting pieces, tooth surface contact stress and bending stress, and ensures light weight, good rigidity, longer gear service life and lower gear meshing noise;

Excellent sealing design: higher than the national standard verification requirements, longer use mileage;

The high-capacity drum meets the requirements of air pressure lifting and plateau braking of the vehicle system, which is conducive to shortening the braking distance;

Maintenance-free hub unit is optional.

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