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Dongfeng Dana D434 Dana Single Rear Axle

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  • Dongfeng Dana D434 Dana Single Rear Axle
  • Dongfeng Dana D434 Dana Single Rear Axle
  • Dongfeng Dana D434 Dana Single Rear Axle
Product Description
D434/TD434/Product Introduction

434 product, commonly known as EQ153 axle, was developed by Dongfeng Dana Automobile Company in the 1980s by introducing the design and manufacturing technology of Japanese Nissan diesel RB47 axle product. It is the earliest single-stage deceleration heavy-duty drive axle and tandem double duplex drive axle imported in China.

Having been putting on the market for more than 20 years, Dongfeng Dana axle 153 has been widely used in various heavy commercial vehicles with a total market consumption of more than 2 million units. The overall application is good and has been well received by users.

D434/TD434 /Product Characteristics

The axle housing has strong bearing capacity, light dead weight, convenient accessory welding, which is convenient for vehicle layout and multi-model matching;

The intermediate axle can be equipped with lubrication pump, which has good lubrication performance and prevents gears from burning. It is suitable for multiple working conditions of the vehicle;

With multiple optimization designs and product quality grades, the axle assembly performance is more reliable.

Maintenance-free wheel unit is optional to meeth the matching requirements of high-grade commercial vehicles.

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