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Dongfeng Dana TD485 Rear Tandem

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  • Dongfeng Dana TD485 Rear Tandem
  • Dongfeng Dana TD485 Rear Tandem
Product Description
D485/TD485/Product Introduction

485 product is a heavy truck drive axle independently developed from 2011 to 2014 on the basis of fully absorbing US DANA drive axle technology. The product has higher transmission efficiency and lighter dead weight, meeting the requirement of high-efficiency highway transportation and high reliability. The maximum output torque is 35,000N.m

485 products are applied to the heavy truck market with GVW of 16-60t.

D485/TD485/Product Characteristics

The integral reducer casing is adopted to increase rigidity and reduce oil leakage risk;

The gear adopts the international leading high power density design technology, with lighter weight and wider tooth surface design, 10mm wider than the tooth surface of competitors, and lower noise;

It is equipped with the standard forced gear lubrication pump, and there is an oil channel inside the spindle, which can effectively improve the lubrication of the shaft difference system, reduce the shaft difference and the failure of cylindrical gears, and improve the transmission efficiency.

The design of fluorous rubber high performance oil seal is adopted and tested according to DANA standard, and the seal is more reliable.

Maintenance-free wheel unit is optional to meet the matching requirements of high-grade commercial vehicles.

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