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Yunnei D16/D19 Energy-saving and environment friendly engine

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  • Yunnei D16/D19 Energy-saving and environment friendly engine
Product Description

Product Features

Advanced technology:

D16/19 is a new generation energy-saving and efficient environment friendly diesel engine jointly developed by Yunnei Power and Germany FEV, which can meet the needs for pickup truck, light truck and SUV.

Low fuel consumption and environment care:

With electric control high pressure common rail fuel injection system and 4-valve technology, the fuel consumption per 100 km is only 4.5L, which meets the National IV and V emission standard.

Strong Power:

With 1.9L displacement, electric control, water cooling EGR, mid-mount fuel injector, spiral+ tangential dual intake ports, and preheating device in the cylinder, vacuum control VNT supercharger, it features large torque reserve and good acceleration performance.

High reliability and durability:

High strength alloy casting body with no cylinder liner, high strength aluminum alloy cylinder head, fillet rolling crankshaft, concave surface camshaft, hierarchy cooling for cylinder head, etc.

Safe and comfortable:

With timing gear + belt drive system, roller rocker arm, hydraulic clearance adjustment, double top-mount cam, 4 valve technology, and intake air control, it greatly reduces engine noise.

Timely services:

No matter where you are, you can get timely technical support, engine repair and parts supply.

Technical Parameters


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