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SDEC D Series Engine

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  • SDEC D Series Engine
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D Series

High Reliability, Low Fuel Consumption

The D series engine is characterized by high reliability, good fuel economy and good dynamic response. The D series is a lately-designed engine with advanced technical criteria among the domestic mature engines. It is a preferred power for heavy-and-medium-duty towing trucks, cargo trucks and vocational trucks.

The prototype of the D series engine is designed by SDEC together with AVL (Austria) based on domestic fuel quality and users’ habits. In 2005, SDEC carried out a reinforcing design and 4-valve upgrading in cooperation with Southwest Research Institute (SwRI of US) according to the American heavy-duty diesel engine standards. The redesigned D series engine is an environment-friendly power product that meets higher emission standards. So far, over one million units have been sold in the last 20 years.

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