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Yuchai Gas Engine YC6MK SERIES

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Product Description
Features & Benefits
● Designed and developed on ECI (Econtrols) technology platform to provide the flexible power solution for medium-/ heavy-duty trucks, they share main components and parts with diesels versions, while inheriting all the super advantages.
● Quality imported electronic gas feed system, ignition system and engine management system kits. 
● Platinum electrode spark plug- Give the most efficient combustion and extend performance life.
● Specifically built intake & exhaust system, fuel system are designed and configured for gas engine. 
● Oxygen sensor- Achieve precise control over the air/ fuel ratios, providing the best fuel economy while reducing emission dramatically. 
● Closed-loop control system- Achieve closed-loop performance across wide operating range and self-diagnostic function.
● Intelligent electronic control system- Complete in functionality.
● Smooth gentle combustion- Give you the best comfort ride with less noise and vibration.
● Oxidation catalyst- Easily meeting Euro 3 levels of performance, and be able to move to Euro 4, Euro 5.
● Highly human-oriented and easily interchangeable design, allowing for ease of maintenance. 
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