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Xichai (FAWDE) Aowei CA6SM2 LNG Engine

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  • Xichai Aowei CA6SM2 LNG Engine
  • Xichai Aowei CA6SM2 LNG Engine
Product Description

High Horsepower: We base the development of CA6SM2 engine on large displacement, and solve the problem that a natural gas engine delivers a low power. It boasts the largest torque in China, roughly 100—300N•m greater than its competitors, two less gear shifting while starting and running up a hill. The Horse power is 10—40 higher than its competitors, making overtaking easier.

High efficiency and gas economy: It features China's first single-cylinder four-valve, overhead camshaft technology to achieve the highest levels of combustion efficiency by accurate gas distribution and evenly fuel mixing. Furthermore, with E-controls lean burn technology and vehicle energy-saving match, CA6SM2 can save 2 kilograms /100km of fuel.

Reliability: The dedicated valve and Valve-Valve Seat Ring Friction Pair fitted on the engine highly reduce the inherent friction between machine and valve seat and ensure a reliable gas distribution. In addition, it also fitted with an electric control natural gas system with a mature technology and reliable performance.

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