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X15 Efficiency Series (2017)

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  • X15 Efficiency Series (2017)
Product Description
Power: 400 - 500 hp 298 - 373 kW
Torque: 1450 - 1850 lb-ft 1966 - 2508 N•m
Certification: EPA 2017
Redefining Value.
The highest fuel economy in the industry. The longest maintenance intervals, for lower maintenance costs. Increased uptime, for greater productivity and profits. Technology that accelerates service accuracy and speed. The biggest, most capable parts and service network in the industry. Being able to choose the best components and put them together. Top it off with the best resale value of any engine in the industry, and you’ve got a Total Cost of Ownership that puts you in front of your competition.
More Horsepower. More Savings.
Whether you’re hauling 80,000 pounds through the Rockies or you’re an expedited shipper committed to delivering on a moment’s notice, you need a big-bore 15-liter engine to get the job done – but not just any big-bore: You need the X15. Otherwise, you’re going to be riding the right lane with your flashers on and getting passed by minivans. Not to mention, you’ll be wasting fuel. Fact is, the X15 Efficiency Series will deliver best-in-class fuel economy on those kinds of runs, with up to 500 hp. The X15 500 is the ultimate package, pleasing drivers and accountants alike, and can be expected to drive our industry-leading resale value to even greater heights down the road.
Brawn and Brains.
The value that Cummins is bringing to the trucking industry goes well beyond engine hardware.
Rookies drive like pros with ADEPT.™ ADEPT interacts with automated manual transmissions, adapting to operating conditions to help even novice drivers operate as efficiently as your most seasoned and efficient professional.
The full suite of ADEPT features includes SmartTorque2, SmartCoast™ and Predictive Cruise Control. Together, they are proven to deliver up to 6 percent better fuel economy.
Additionally, Cummins is bringing the next step in remote connections with our Connected Solutions™ telematics features. Along with our proven Connected Diagnostics system, we’re introducing Connected Calibrations,™ with Over-the-Air (OTA) engine customization.
Trust Makes All The Difference.
The most reassuring part of owning any Cummins-powered vehicle is knowing that we’ve always got your back. Cummins engine experts and our extensive training programs ensure service and support excellence you can depend on, no matter the situation. We are committed to the success of your business, which means complete dedication to working with you on everything from upfront vehicle and engine spec’ing to maximizing your vehicle uptime. You aren’t just buying a Cummins engine; you’re buying Cummins expertise and commitment, anywhere and everywhere your business takes you.
Power To Go. Power To Whoa.
The X15 Efficiency series is optimized to deliver the power you need, with 400 hp to 500 hp and 1450-1850 lb-ft of peak torque – more than enough to get you off the line, down the road and up the steepest hill. But what’s really impressive is what happens when you crest the hill and take your foot off the accelerator. That’s when the most powerful engine brake in the industry kicks in, and you just ease on down the road. You get over 400 braking horsepower (bhp) at just 1300 rpm.
Durability, Efficiency And Innovation That Will Make History Again.
It began as a radically innovative platform, complete with dual overhead cams, exceptionally strong engine braking and an even tougher head and block, for unrivaled dependability. Customers took notice, quickly making the Cummins ISX15 the best-selling engine in its category, by far. But at Cummins, we’re never satisfied with the status quo. So virtually every critical component has been scrutinized, modified, upgraded and improved. All that makes the 2017 X15 a completely reinvented platform that delivers the best performance and dependability in the industry.
Dynamic electronic features, the high-efficiency VGT® Turbo and an optimized combustion formula have resulted in a significant increase in fuel efficiency and throttle response. The integrated Single Module™ aftertreatment system dramatically increases cleaning intervals while saving weight and space. We’ve combined the best available components with our advanced engine controls into one fully integrated powertrain package that is so efficient that it is redefining the heavy-duty trucking industry. Again.
VGT® Turbocharger From Cummins Turbo Technologies
This turbocharger has variable geometry, for precision and responsiveness. The actuator is four to six times stronger than that of previous versions, for even better dependability. An enhanced design with a new impeller provides rapid boost and improved engine braking.
XPI Fuel System From Cummins Fuel Systems
The XPI system delivers superior performance, regardless of engine rpm. Multiple injection events per cycle improve fuel efficiency and enable smoother, quieter operation. Steel plungers and diamond like coated roller tappets make this the toughest XPI fuel system to date.
Single ModuleTM Aftertreatment System From Cummins Emission Solutions
A flow-through design offers better heat management, for improved efficiency. Increased ash capacity means fewer maintenance events. And it’s up to 40 percent lighter and 60 percent smaller than two-part systems.
Fleetguard® Fuel Filters And Lube Filters From Cummins Filtration
These filters protect against corrosion and contaminants that can cause performance issues. The Fleetguard LF 14000NN lube filter provides less restriction, for faster flow and better cold-start capability, while still trapping nearly 99 percent of particles down to 4 microns.
High-Capacity Electronic Control Module (ECM)
The robust ECM manages the engine and aftertreatment system simultaneously, for optimum performance and fuel efficiency.
Cummins Engine Brake
The most powerful engine brake in the industry offers up to 600 bhp, adding control on downhill grades, and helping reduce service brake wear, downtime and replacement costs.
Vehicle Acceleration Management (VAM)
VAM reduces driveline wear and improves fuel economy in bobtail and light-load driving conditions.
Connected DiagnosticsTM
This feature uses telematics to wirelessly connect the engine to Cummins for rapid fault diagnosis. It enables continued operation without risk in most events, maximizing uptime.
Power Cylinder Improvements
Combustion’s hot. That’s bad for your oil. The X15 incorporates an enhanced piston design that reduces the transfer of heat to the oil, increasing both durability and oil-drain intervals.

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