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XCMG Fire Truck JP32A

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Technical Parameter
Product Description
Germany Benz Actros 3344 chassis, 320kw; 3 telescopic booms and 1 folded boom structure; the large capacity fire-fighting liquid container of 6-ton water and 2-ton foam, American Darley PSP1500 water pump and imported electrical monitor; electro-hydraulic proportional control technology, high efficiency in vehicle rescuing and easy operation; with 40m wire controlling and fire monitoring system, it is the machine with the strongest function among the products of the same kinds.
Main technical data in travel configuration
Category Item Unit Parameter
Dimension Overall length mm 11420
Overall height mm 3900
Overall width mm 2500
Wheel base Axles 1 and 2 mm 4500
Axles 2 and 3 mm 1350
Tread Front axle mm 2035
Rear axle mm 1804
Weight Extinguishant rated load weight Water kg 6000/3000
Foam kg 6000/3000
Total vehicle curb weight 23950 Front axle kg 5200
Dual rear axles kg 17650
Weight with full load 32000 Front axle kg 6700
Dual rear axles kg 25300
Travel performance
Max. travel speed km/h ≥90
Min. turning diameter m ≤20
Approach angle ° 16
Departure angle ° 9.5
Braking distance(at 30km/h) m ≤9.5
Min. ground clearance mm 290
Max. gradeability % ≥25
Main technical data for operation
Main performance Rated working height m 32
Max. working radius m 19
Outrigger span(longitudinal×lateral) m 6.0×5.4
Elevating range ° ﹣3~80
Working speed Boom deploying time S ≤110
Outrigger extending time S ≤30
Slewing speed r/min 0~2
Fire-fighting performance Fire pump rated flow L/s 70
Fire pump rated pressure MPa 1.7
Water monitor Water monitor rated reach m ≥85
Water monitor rated flow L/s 70
Water monitor rated pressure MPa ≤0.8
Foam monitor rated reach m ≥65
Foam monitor rated flow L/s 64
Foam monitor rated pressure MPa ≤0.9
Nozzle travel range Up and down:-135°~0° Left and right:±107°
京ICP备09021066号-10Public security record numberPublic security record number:11010502036076