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XCMG Dumper Z-series 8×4 NXG3310D4AZE+SDEC Power+FAST Gearbox

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  • XCMG Dumper Z-series 8×4 NXG3310D4AZE+SDEC Power+FAST Gearbox
Technical Parameter
  • XCMG Dumper Z-series 8×4 NXG3310D4AZE

  • 14990

  • 9JS119

  • 2100+3450+1350

  • 11.00R20

  • 8×4

  • 10100×2495×338010300×2495×3380

  • 15810

  • 30995

  • Z/Z1 type

  • 300

  • SC9DK310Q4

Product Description
Positioned in an economical lightweight product, XCMG’s Z-series dump truck has been designed and developed on the basis of the principle “standardization, serialization and modularization”, the introduction of advanced technologies and domestic market features. The product can be widely used to transport mineral products, sand-gravel materials, etc. 
The series product is reliable, durable, economical and practical and is honored as the product which has the “highest cost performance” in the lightweight dump truck field.  
The product has been optimized in air filter, intercooler, silencer, etc., thus reducing intake air resistance and exhaust air backpressure. 
With an integrally through-type lining beam and 280mm high strength two-layer frame, the product has stronger torque resistance and fatigue resistance. 
The driving pavements of the product are mainly highway pavements and it has quick speed and high cost performance. 
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