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XCMG Muck Truck T-series 6×4 PFW91K

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Technical Parameter
  • XCMG Muck Truck T-series 6×4 PFW91K

  • 9JSD135(10JSD140)9JSD150A(10JSD160)

  • 3650+1350

  • 12.00R20(11.00R20)

  • 6×4

  • T type

  • 6.5/8

  • WP10.290E40

Product Description
XCMG’s T-series new urban muck truck belongs to the third generation muck truck, which is also known as intelligent muck truck and completely adapts to the future muck truck development trend. This type of truck integrates environmental protection, safety and intelligence and also has realized intelligent management of the muck transportation industry.
XCMG’s T-series new urban muck truck meets the times development requirements, avoids polluting environment and endangering people’s life safety while better completing urban construction, and can be harmoniously integrated with urban construction. 
XCMG’s T-series new urban muck truck product has the following features: 
1. No throwing and falling during transportation: U-shaped composite sealed body + intelligent electrically-controlled sealed environment-friendly cover 
2. Clean without dead space: automatic cleaning device + side elevation integral design
3. Safe without worry: multi-angle night vision function + lateral protection integrated design 
4. Monitoring without dead zone: intelligent sensor + network monitoring function 
5. No residue after unloading: high strength outer plate + high molecular inner sliding plate 
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