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Dongfeng KX ISZ520 Dangerous Article Transport Vehicle

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  •  Dongfeng KX ISZ520 Dangerous Article Transport Vehicle
  •  Dongfeng KX ISZ520 Dangerous Article Transport Vehicle
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  • Dongfeng KX ISZ520 Dangerous Article Transport Vehicle

Product Description
Product Characteristics:

1) More Powerful Performances
As a flagship vehicle model in 2018, Dongfeng KX dangerous chemical transport vehicle is equipped with ISZ520 engine or dCi450 engine. Plus DT14 transmission gearbox and Dongfeng Nade 440 rear axle, the vehicle delivers powerful performances and achieves high fuel efficiency.

Dongfeng KX ISZ520 can reach a maximum toque of 2,460 N.m. By improving its torque backup (φtq) by over 40%, its maximum torque is 200N.m higher than that of its counterparts when its rotation speed is maintained at 1,000-1,400 rpm. The other Dongfeng KX model equipped with dCi engine has successfully cut its weight to 8.5 tons.

2) Higher Safety Standards
Strictly in line with National Safety Standards for chemical transport vehicles, Dongfeng Dongfeng KX has further improved its active safety system by introducing such state-of-art technologies as LDWS and FCWS. In addition, its warning lights on top, front pipes and speed-limiting devices and auxiliary braking devices are all providing extra protection for the vehicle.

3) More Comfortable Working Environment
Dongfeng KX boasts a more spacious cockpit for drivers, offering a more comfortable working environment. Its automatic air-conditioning system and its wider bunk bed both ensure full rests for drivers. With improved maneuverability, the vehicle makes driving a more pleasant experience for drivers.

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