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JAC heavy-duty truck-V7+Cummins ISGe5-510+ZF Transmission

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  • JAC heavy-duty truck-V7
  • JAC heavy-duty truck-V7
  • JAC heavy-duty truck-V7
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  • JAC heavy-duty truck-V7

Product Description
What are the advantages of JAC V7?

Firstly, low fuel consumption

Long head car has low wind resistance of 0.4

3 liters lower than the same configuration flat head car

Secondly, good security

The engine in front can realize extremely low casualty rate at the time of collision

Thirdly, high comfort

Flat-headed truck, the passengers are sitting on top of the engine

While the long-head truck, the passengers are sitting behind the engine

Vibration, noise, and heat are greatly reduced

JAC V7 integrates the gene of American long-head heavy truck, full and straight waterfall front air intake grille, streamlined design, and integrated with the chassis with the features of "future logistics equipment".

Equipped with AMT automatic gearbox, the transmission efficiency is higher, completely liberating the driver's left and right hands; with the fixed speed cruise system and lane departure system as the auxiliary, it can achieve low fatigue driving and be close to the future logistics equipment.

The cab of the long-head truck is larger than the flat-head truck, which can improve the driving comfort and fully conform to the core of the "people-oriented" technology development in the future.

The functions of one-button start, car navigation, car WIFI, complete Kajia car networking system, etc., making the heavy machinery weighing more than 8 tons more intelligent, which is also a major feature of JAC V7.

A large number of cameras are arranged around the cab, and the blind spot is fully detected through the large screen of the center console, which solves the problem of driving safety of the long-head truck.

With the future appearance, future concept, future technology and ultra-high intelligence, JACV7 heavy-duty truck won the award for technical innovation.

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