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Yutong Mobile Police Office

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Technical Parameter
  • Yutong Mobile Police Office

  • 50

  • 7190*2240*2850/3010(A/C)

  • 4450

Product Description
Mobile Police Office

According to the function, the interior layout can be divided into office area, operating area and rest area. Office area is equipped with computer& printers. Operating area has equirment cabinet, water dispenser cabinet, etc. And rest area is enclosed. The equipment satisfies office work&law enforcement requirment, realize the network control of each station and form a grid management.

Dimension(mm):7190*2240*2850/3010(A/C); G.V.W.(kg): 4450; Max. speed(km/h): 50

京ICP备09021066号-10Public security record numberPublic security record number:11010502036076