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CLW5310GHY3 Chemical truck+DCEC Power

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  • CLW5310GHY3 Chemical truck
  • CLW5310GHY3 Chemical truck
Technical Parameter
  • CLW5310GHY3

  • 14870

  • 8.9L; 11.12L;

  • 232; 250;276; 275; 231

  • 1950+4250+1300,1950+4250+1350,1950+4500+1300,1950+4500+1350,1950+4500+1430,1850+,1850+4600

  • 10.00-20,10.00R20,11.00-20,11.00R20,295/80R22.5

  • GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005 Euro 3

  • 11990×2500×3900,3600

  • 16000,15935

  • 31000

  • diesel

  • ISLe315 30;dCi340-30;ISLe340 30;dCi375-30

Product Description
Chasis Number: DFL1311A4
Tank Capacity: 26.4m3
Approach/Departure Angel: 25/10,25/11°
F/R Track Base: 
Max Speed: 
Chasis Manufacturer: 
Dongfeng automobile Co.,Ltd
Overall Dimensions: 
Axle Nos: 
Axle Load: 
Tire Nos: 
Leaf Spring Nos: 
Front Tread: 
Rear Tread: 
Turned Form: 
Engine Manufacturer:
Dongfeng cummins engine Co.,Ltd; Dongfeng automobile CO.,Ltd

Special Feature Description: 

Multi-channel anti-tank located within the wave separator, high pressure gas leak testing and detection, so that the tank has high strength, stable center of gravity, the vehicle carrying security features

Independently sub-warehouses, equipment can be divided into different chemicals, food, design enables the pump suction, pumping out over the table, the pump into the pump, but the table, gravity over the table, but tables and other functions.

The Chemical liquid tank truck of Hubei Chengli Special automobile Co.,Ltd produced , shipment all kinds of chemical liquid : such as hydrochloric acid , sulfuric acid , nitric acid , alcohol , various oils and so on . The tank material can be carbon steel , stainless steel , carbon steel tank lined with rotainal molding , plastic cans . Optional chemical pumps ,stainless steel pumps , stainless pips.

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