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FULONGMA Electric Garbage Compactor Truck – FLM5250ZYSDFBEV

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  • FULONGMA Electric Garbage Compactor Truck – FLM5250ZYSDFBEV
  • FULONGMA Electric Garbage Compactor Truck – FLM5250ZYSDFBEV
  • FULONGMA Electric Garbage Compactor Truck – FLM5250ZYSDFBEV
  • FULONGMA Electric Garbage Compactor Truck – FLM5250ZYSDFBEV
Technical Parameter
Product Description
This truck is a new type of sanitation vehicle specially used for collecting and transporting garbage. It mainly collects and transports urban domestic garbage and is an ideal garbage collection and transportation vehicle for urban sanitation departments, factories, mines, and docks.
Chassis Model EQ1081KACEVJ1
Chassis Motor Model / Power(kW) TZ342XS-YBM211/120
Chassis Battery Mfr./Type/Capacity (kWh) CATL/Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery/162.28
Travel Range (km) 490
Compression Method Single Compression
Compactor Working Cycle Time ⑸ ≤17
Dumping Cycle Time (s) ≤45
Lifter Cycle Time (s) ≤16
Garbage Tank Volume (m3) 7.5
Sewage Tank Volume (L) 235
Garbage Compression Density (t/m3) 64〜65
Maximum Crushing Force (kN) 180
Maximum Ejecting Force (kN) 186
Hydraulic System Working Pressure (Mpa) 18
External Size (L*W*H)(mm) (Bin Stopper) 7060x2240x3110


The ship-shaped design at the stern of the tank forms a closed sewage tank that can store a large amount of sewage. The tailgate is equipped with an adjustable locking mechanism to ensure reliable sealing and prevent secondary pollution problems such as sewage dripping.

A compression mechanism is arranged on the top of the box to compress the garbage. And there is no hopper, the rear overhang is short, and the maneuverability is good.

The loading mechanism is used to lift the support device (national patent technology) to eliminate the error generated during the preparation, make the mechanism move smoothly, and extend the service life of the feeding mechanism.

Adopt rear-loading material (national patent technology), and compressed by the compression mechanism on the top of the tank. The compression mechanism can replace the cover function during normal driving, keeping the garbage in a sealed state.

The sliding block of the ejector is made of high wear resistance alloy material with long service life.

The whole vehicle is equipped with two different material side guardrails, which users can choose according to their needs.

When unloading, open the tailgate and use the push plate to unload to ensure that the garbage is cleaned.

With an emergency brake button.

Optional 240L (single barrel, double barrel) or 360L, 660L, 1100 standard barrel lifting, and turning mechanism.

The garbage truck loading mechanism adopts a cam tightening device (national patent technology), which effectively eliminates the risk of trash bins dropping during the feeding process.

Equipped with automatic and manual dual control modes, which can control the garbage truck operation in the driver’s cab, the middle and the rear of the truck, which is convenient and efficient.

Equipped with night work lights to facilitate night work for sanitation workers.

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