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Top Ten Rankings for Light trucks, Mini Trucks, Heavy and Medium Trucks in Oct.

Date:2018-11-14 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In October, sales of trucks totaled 295,200, which was up 1.02pc from last month and down 0.54pc from last year. In the first ten months of this year, total truck sales were 3,195,800, up by 7.04pc compared to the same period of 2017. The following comes the top ten rankings for heavy and medium trucks in October, 2018.

In October, China’s total heavy-duty truck sales and production were 72,500 units and 80,100 units respectively, up by 0.49pc and 2.99pc from a month earlier and down by 24.09pc and 13.25pc from the same period last year. China sold 12,300 and produced 12,100 medium-duty trucks in October, down 45.24pc and 43.31pc respectively year-on-year and 1.08pc and 4.71pc month-on-month. While the production of light trucks rose by 2.24pc year on year to 150,500 units, with its sales moved down by 4.91pc year on year to 148,500 units, which was up 2.71pc and down 0.03pc respectively on a month-on-month basis. Production of mini trucks in october reached 53,800 units, up by 6.22pc on the previous year and by 4.29pc from September, while its sales were 54,700 units, moved up by 2.46pc from a year earlier and by 30.81pc on the previous year.The following comes the top ten rankings for light trucks and mini trucks in October, 2018.

January-October truck production rose by 4.47pc year on year to 3,093,100 unit, while its sales increased by 7.04pc year on year to 3,195,800 units. Specificly, China sold 923,700 and 976,000 heavy-duty trucks during January-October, down by 3.47pc and up by 1.31pc respectively from the same period last year. Medium-duty truck production and sales during January to October went down by 19.67pc and by 17.09pc respectively to 146,100 and 150,400 units. Light-duty truck production and sales during January to October rose by 10.23pc and by 12.49pc respectively to 1,512,100 and 1,533,600 units. Production of mini trucks grew by 13.58pc to 511,100 units, with sales rising by 12.26pc to 535,800 units .

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