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Dongfeng Sold 15,876 Units Medium- and Heavy-duty Trucks in June

Date:2019-07-04 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

According to Dongfeng’s latest statistics, the company sold 15,876 units medium- and heavy-duty trucks in June, up by 1.87% year on year. Its sales volume of heavy-duty trucks reached 14,730 units in June, up by 7.40% year on year; in the same month, its sales volume of medium-duty trucks totaled 1,146 units, up by 28.76% year on year.

From January to June, Dongfeng sold 97,317 units medium- and heavy-duty trucks, up by 1.67% year on year. In the same period, it sold over 29,000 units tractor trucks, over 19,900 units cargo trucks and over 12,000 special vehicles. It also increased its market share by 1.1% in the first half of this year. Its business revenue exceeded 1.3 billion RMB from January to June, reaching a new record high.

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