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Dongfeng Reports 12509 Units Sales in Medium-and-Heavy-Duty Trucks, up 10.5% YOY

Date:2019-09-06 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

China’s heavy-duty truck sales is anticipated to reach 73000 units in August 2019, up 3% on a year-over-year basis and decline 4% from the previous month. During the January to August period, sales of China’s heavy-duty trucks went down slightly by 2% to 805,000 units.

Dongfeng Reports 12509 Units Sales in Medium-and-Heavy-Duty Trucks, up 10.5% YOY

In August, sales in the medium and heavy truck segments went up by 10.48% to 12509 units, with medium trucks selling 1290 units (up 13.56%) and heavy trucks selling 11219 (up 18.29%). During January to August, China’s commercial vehicles sales withness a slighly growth of 4.15% to 122400 units.

Dongfeng KL has emerged as one of the most popular products and witness a 13% increase in the market share. While the sales of Dongfeng KR with high-roof and double standard bed has been over 1100 units after it hit the market in early July.

The vehicles meeting National VI emission standard is announced more than 292, involving five platforms” Dongfeng KX, Dongfeng VL, Dongfeng VR, Dongfeng KL and Dongfeng KR”. Traditional sanitation trucks and special-purpose vehicles account for 50% of all vehicles announced.

During January-July 2019, Dongfeng has received orders from refitting factories to provide 1200 units of national VI emission standard vehicles. In August alone, It received another order of 557 units National VI trucks in Shenzhen and 68 units sanitation vehicles. The market demand for Dongfeng National VI postal mail delivery vehicle and express delivery vehicls will continue to surge in future.

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