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China Sold 12,000 Units Self-dump Trucks in August


The latest statistics show that China sold 12,000 units engineering self-dump trucks, down by 15.5% year on year. From January to August this year, China’s total sales volume of self-dump trucks reached 143,000 units, down by 21.3% year on year.

  January Febrary March April May June July August Total
Sales for 2019 18,315 14,597 28,475 24,547 19097 14,452 11,574 11,586 142,643
Sales for 2018 21,028 14,227 29,221 29,487 28,870 26,403 18,256 13,715 181,207
Growth Rate -12.9% 2.6% -2.6% -16.8% -33.9% -45.3% -36.6% -15.5% -21.3%

SHACMAN sold 26,000 units self-dump trucks in the first eight months this year, ranking the second place in the industry. However, its sales volume plummeted by 30.7% year on year compared with that last year. Its market share dropped slightly to 17.9% compared with that in the same period last year.Hongyan, with a total sales volume of 29,000 units self-dump trucks, ranks the first place in the industry. Compared with that in the same period last year, Hongyan’s sales volume dropped by 12.8% year on year. Also, its market shares reached 20.5%, two percentage points higher than that in the previous year. In August, despite the anemic market conditions, Hongyan sold 3,089 units self-dump trucks, up by 18.5% year on year.

  Hongyan SHACMAN Jiefang SINOTRUK Total
The First Eight Months for 2019 29,217 25,509 20664 16,549 91,939
Market share 20.5% 17.9% 14.5% 11.6% 64.5%
The First Eight Months for 2018 33,513 36,830 22,628 28,996 121,967
Market Share 18.5% 20.3% 12.5% 16.0% 67.3%
Growth Rate -12.8% -30.7% -8.7% -42.9% -24.6%

From January to August this year, Jiefang and CNHTC sold 21,000 units and 17,000 units self-dump trucks, ranking the third and fourth place respectively in China’s self-dump truck market. In the same period, the two companies sales volumes declined by 8.7% and 42.9% respectively and their market shares reached 14.5% and 11.6% respectively.

The top four players in China’s self-dump truck market, Hongyan, SHACMAN, Jiefang, CNHTC had a combined sales volume of 92,000 units in the first eight months this year, accounting for 64.5% of China’s total sales volume. In the same time, the combined market share of the top four players dropped by 2.8 percentage points compared with that in the previous year.

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