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China’s Sales Volume of New Energy Heavy-duty Truck Reached 378 Units in May


According to the latest statistics, China sold 378 units new energy heavy-duty trucks in May, up by 147% year on year.

New Energy Heavy-duty Truck Sales Between Jan.-May., 2021

From January to May, China’s sales volume of new energy heavy-duty trucks reached 1,305 units, up by 70%. 81.99% of them are powered by electricity, 16.93% by hydrogen fuel cells, 1.07% by hybrid power.

Nanjing King Long and JMC delivered particularly impressive performances this year. In the first five months, Nanjing King Long sold 165 units hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks (150 units NJL1311ZHJFCEV1 self-dumping trucks in operation in Shandong and Inner Mongolia and 15 units NJL4250ZEKFCEV1 trucks in operation in Hebei). In same period, JMC sold 49 units hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks (49 units SXQ4180J1A2FCEV heavy-duty trucks started operation in Shanghai).

In May, Nanjing King Long sold 44 units hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks. Also in May, Dayun and Jiefang respectively sold two units hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks and Zoomlion sold one unit hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty truck.

Since May, the top three players in the new energy heavy-duty truck market (Hualing Hanma, Beiben and Nanjing King Long) sold 299 units, 173 units and 171 units hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks.

From January to May, a total number of 606 units new energy trucks from 15 brands obtained license plates, up by 687% year on year. Among them, Hualing Hanma accounted for 44.55%.

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