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Top Ten Dump Truck Players in November

Date:2021-12-30 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In November this year, China reported a total of 9,239 heavy-duty dump trucks in the domestic market, up 20% month over month and down 56% year-on-year.

Top Ten Dump Truck Players in November

From January to November, domestic sales of heavy-duty dump trucks fell by 2 percent to 236,800 units as compared to 241,000 in the same period last year. The figure was 4000 units fewer than that sold last year.

In November alone, the mainstream companies in the heavy dump truck market (the top 10 in sales) captured 91.76% combined market share, leaving others holding less than 10% of the share.

In November, most of the companies has declined by more than a half (50%). SANY was the only company to achieve a positive growth, with its November sales increasing by 89% year-on-year, and also the only company to achieve a positive growth for 11 consecutive month. In November, SACI Hongyan ranked first with a total sales of 2206 units and market share of 23.88%. Dongfeng, with a monthly sales volume of 2009 units and a market share of 21.74%, further consolidated its second position in the dumping truck market.

SINOTRUK ranked the third place in the dumping truck market in November with its monthly sales volume reaching 1080 units, and market share of 11.69%. SHACMAN and Jiefang ranked the fourth and fifth place in dumper segment with a sales volume of 966 units and 871 units and market share of 10.46% and 9.43% respectively. In addition, the top five companies represented 77.19% of the market share for dumper sales in November.

In the first eleven months period, the top ten players still dominate the market with an impressive 93.08% share of the heavy-duty dump truck market. SHACMAN, who has been topped the list, reported sales of 40,700 units with a share of 17.20%. Dongfeng, SINOTRUK and SAIC Hongyan followed with sales of 36000 units, 35800 units and 33400 units respectively and market share of 15.18%, 15.12% and 14.11% respectively. FAW Jiefang reported 29,200 heavy-duty dump truck sales, with a cumulative share of 12.33%, another company with a cumulative share of more than 10% in the heavy-duty dump truck market this year.

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