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New Energy Heavy-duty Truck Sales Exceeded 10,000 Units in 2021

Date:2022-01-19 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In December 2021, sales of Chinese domestic new energy heavy-duty trucks reached 3006 units, up 62% from the previous month and 867% year on year, outpacing its year-on-year growth of 668% in November. In 2021, the sales volume of new energy heavy-duty trucks amounted to 10448 units, up 299% over the previous year.

Top Sales Brands for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Heavy-duty Truck in 2021

As for the fuel type, full electricity still dominates the new energy heavy-duty truck market, with the share of hydrogen heavy trucks continuing to increase. In 2021, pure electric heavy trucks captured a record 92.36% share of the new energy heavy-duty truck market, a decrease of about 6.34 percentage points compared to 98.70% in the same period last year. Hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks and diesel hybrid heavy trucks took up a market share of 7.46% (up 6.77% YoY) and 0.18% (drop 0.43% YoY) respectively.

Top Sales Brands for New Energy Heavy-duty Truck in 2021

China posted a total sales of 779 units of hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks for all of 2021, and 196 units for December, hitting a new record high. These 779 heavy-duty trucks were made together by SAIC Hongyan, Higer, Jeifang, Dongfeng, Dayun, SINOTRUK, FEICHI Technology, Golden Dragon and others, and had been put into operation in Shandong, Hebei, Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Inner Mongolia and Hunan across China.

Top Sales Brands for New Energy Tractor Head in 2021

Over 2021, there were three firms passing the 1000-unit mark, including SANY(1497), Yutong (1477units) and CAMC(1168 units), making up 14.33%, 14.14% and 11.18% of the share. The top three posted a 1621%、340% and 255% gain respectively year on year. The annual sales of Dongfeng, SAIC Hongyan, Beiben, FOTON IBLUE, XCMG, Golden Dragon, FAW Jiefang have all achieved sales of over 500 units in 2021.

The above chart shows that the share of new energy tractor head has witnessed an impressive growth, which was increased gradually to 52.91% for all of 2021, representing an increase of 26.49% over the previous year. While the share of new energy heavy-duty special vehicle, which in 2020 stood at 55.10%, reduced to 26.6%.

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