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  • Case NO.1

  • A truck team is composed of 25 Youngman dumpers and 15 tractors export to Algeria on March 15th reported by Youngman Commerce Ministry. This batch of Youngman truck was ordered by Algeria SARL Company in the end of 2008. And in February 2009, the company added 50 units’ orders....More

  • Case NO.2

  • At present, young man has been exported to the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia more than 10 countries and regions. Moreover, the agency was established in Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Algeria and other countries....More

  • ·Youngman Truck export to Algeria...More
  • ·Youngman Truck goes out for international Market ...More


Jinhua Youngman Man Automobile Co Ltd, a subordinate company of China Youngman Automobile Group, is located in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, with convenient transportation...

Youmgman Quotation

Higher input, to create a high-quality vehicle is the biggest contribution to society.
In order to adapt the national energy-saving and emission reduction policy, we should make use of them in our practice.
Road is resources, fuel is resources, and also the time.
The positioning of an enterprise is very important. If enterprise localization devotes benefit to the society, it will be beneficial to the society.
The design life of a car is ten years, the life of a car is 5 years, and 50% resource-saving will back to the society.


Product Certification

Product Certification

Product Certification

Modification Approval

Product Certification


JNP1250FD1J1(6X4)Truck Chassis


JNP4250FD1(MAN power Ⅲ)


JNP1310FD1J1 Truck Chassis

JNP1250FD1J1(MAN power Ⅲ

JNP4180FD1(Man power Ⅲ)

JNP1250FD1(MAN power Ⅲ)

JNP4180FD16(Hino power Ⅲ

JNP4250FD16(Hino power Ⅲ

JNP1200FD2J1 (Power MAN Ⅲ)

JNP4250FD8(Hangzhou power Ⅲ)

JNP 3250FD(MAN power Ⅲ

JNP 3250FD19(Weichai power Ⅲ)


 Area Contact Person Tel E-mail
 Director John Liu (+86)579 82256626 lzl@young-man.cn
 Asia&Europe& Australia Jenny Pang (+86)579 89108501/82256133 jenny@young-man.cn
 Middle Asia Arthur Wang (+86)579 82256133/89108503 ghostpure@young-man.cn
 Europe& Australia Crystal Yu (+86)579 82256133/82256906 crystal@young-man.cn
 Russia Sindy Ye (+86)579 89108503/82256133 sindyye@young-man.cn
 East Asia &Eastsouth Asia Alex Wong (+86)579 82256906/82256133 alex_wong@young-man.cn
 Middle East &Africa &America Devin Lai (+86)579 82256133/89108501 laiperfect@yahoo.com.cn
 Middle East &North Afica Jacky Lee (+86)579 89108503/82256133 jackylee@young-man.cn
 Middle East &North Afica Sue Zhang (+86)579 82256133/89108503 sue@young-man.cn
 South Africa &North America Bessie Zeng ((+86)579 82256906/82256133 bessiez@young-man.cn
 South Africa &Latin America Miya Qu (+86)579 82256906/82256133 tomwu@young-man.cn
 Marketing Technology Support Tom Wu (+86)579 82256906 tomwu@young-man.cn


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