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FOTON Auman AMT Leads the Way in Heavy-duty Trucks in Colombia


Today let's talk about AUMAN AMT
It is equipped with a 12L Cummins ISG engine with 460 horsepower and 2399Nm torque. The displacement is relatively small but the power is very strong. The axles are strong and have a load capacity of 26 tons. The German-made ZF12-speed gearbox, intelligent shifting logic and matching with the intelligent management of the engine are adopted to improve the fuel economy of the vehicle. Matching suspension damping braking system to ensure braking performance;Equipped with spare tire, SCR system, Cummins aftertreat system to reduce fuel tank maintenance cost. The leading brand in the field of heavy trucks. The chassis accessories have a compact layout and the large-capacity aluminum alloy double fuel tank can meet the needs of ultra-long-distance transportation.Forged aluminum alloy wheels, high-end lightweight equipment, lane tracking and collision avoidance systems for better operator comfort. The cab meets all European safety standards with shock-absorbing seats. Air conditioning, MP5 radio, digital instrument cluster, USB charger,interior lighting. Storage compartments under the sleeper to store items providing the driver with space to rest and relax. 


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