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Dongfeng DLK Asphalt Distribution Truck+Yuchai Power

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  • Dongfeng DLK Asphalt Distribution Truck
  • Dongfeng DLK Asphalt Distribution Truck
Technical Parameter
  • CLW5080GLQZ4

  • 5850

  • 103kw

  • 5 forwarder,1 reverse gear,Manual operation

  • 3800

  • 8.25-16 14 PR standard tire,6 tires+1 spare tire

  • 4×2,4X4,left hand drive or right hand drive

  • 7380*2280*2550

  • 6000

  • YC4E140

Product Description

Product No.: CLW5080GLQ4

Chassis Model: DFA1080SJ12D3

Loading Box Size: 4- 6cbm

Engine Type: 6 cylinder in line, water-cooled ,Intercooling engine

Displacement (L): 4.26L

Clutch Description: Dry single plate, hydraulic control booster,mechnical operation

Braking System: Service brake

Rear Axle Loading: 4965kg

Front Axle Loading: 3310kg

Tanker Volume:4-6m3

asphalt pump Model: QGB950

Hydraulic system brand Shanxi yuci

Asphalt pump hydraulic motor: 05-110-BD31

Hydraulic pump: CBQ550-L

Burner: Italy imported G10

Control System Control type: Manual control

Heat-transfer oil pump Model: 40-25-160

Spray System: Asphalt Spray nozzle 15 ea to 48 ea

Spray Width: 3m to 6m

Product Details parameters:

dongfeng 4x2 6 tons bitumen sprayer truck, heated bitumen truck, asphalt truck

Our Intellectualized Asphalt Distributor is used for spraying asphalt on the prime coat, the water-proof layer and tack coat in high-graded road construction. It also can be used for bituminous pavement with the construction techniques of spreading in layers. It can spray hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt, modified asphalt, etc. It is mainly composed of Truck Chassis, Asphalt Tank, Asphalt Pumping and Spraying System, Heating System, Hydraulic Circuit, Pneumatic Circuit, Auto control System and Operation Panel

Main performance for our asphalst spraying truck

a) All operations can be performed in the cab.

b) Asphalt spraying rate kg/m2: 0.3-3

c) The width of spraying is adjustable. Each spraying nozzle can be controlled independently, and the maximum spraying width can reach 6 meters.

d) Spraying of asphalt is very even, and can realize to spray in three-overlapping.

e) Asphalt application rate is controlled by computer and independent of truck speed.

f) Heating and heat-preserving systems introduce full circulation of thermal oil, which is safe, reliable and full-automatic.

g) Thermal oil preserves heat of asphalt pump and spraying nozzles, which needn’t be washed by diesel oil after finishing spraying. It uses high-pressure air to drain the pipe and spraying nozzle or make use of thermal oil’s cycle to ensure pipelines and spraying nozzles not to be blocked.

h) Control System adopts modular design, which is very convenient to maintain and troubleshooting.

i) It is equipped with standby control system.

j) It can ensure machine to work normally when Main Control System failure.

k) It is equipped with flexible hand-spraying system.

l) Excellent heat-preservation and the average temp. Fall is less than 1 ℃/h.

m) Loading and unloading asphalt is very convenient. Besides filling asphalt through manhole, asphalt can also be sucked into tank and drained by own pump.

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