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Heavy Truck up by 26% Year on Year This September

Date:2016-10-12 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: According to the latest data, the domestic heavy truck market brought a total of about 52,500 sales of various types of vehicles in September this year, which increases 26% compared with 41,800 sales of the same period last year.

Heavy Truck up by 26% Year on Year This September 

Sales Volumes Overview of Heavy Trucks in September, 2016


There was no obvious change of the competitive situation in the market structure this September. FAW Jiefang got the first place of sales which had reelected the champion of the ninth months, delivered 1017 thousands units, up by 47% year on year; Dongfeng heavy truck delivered 10500 units, up by 29% year on year, continue to be ranked the second, China Heavy Duty Truck ranked third delivered 9400 trucks, up by 25% year on year. SHACMAN and Foton delivered respectively 7,000 trucks and 5500 trucks, up by 8% and 1% year on year.

The sales of JAC are 3200 units, up by 30% year on year, which ranked the sixth. CAMC delivered 1151 trucks, up by 89% year on year, to be the largest growth of this Sep. Among the  mainstream enterprises, DAYUN delivered 1875 trucks, up by 38% year on year; SAIC-Hongyan and Beiben delivered 1001 and 700 units of trucks, up by 64% and 38% year on year.


2014-2016 Heavy-Duty Truck Chart

Heavy Truck up by 26% Year on Year This September

From Jan to Sep, the growth of heavy truck market reached to 20.3%, and the total sales are 491 thousand and 9 hundred trucks, up by 83 thousand trucks year on year.

Among them, FAW delivered 101 thousand and 7 hundred trucks, up by 66% year on year and the market share of FAW Jiefang is 20.7%. Dongfeng delivered 94 thousand and 4 hundred trucks, up by 6% year on year and the market share is 19.2%. SINOTRUK delivered 83 thousand and 3 hundred trucks, up by 11% year on year and the market share is 16.9%. SHACMAN and FOTON delivered about 69 thousand trucks and 56 thousand trucks, up by 17% and 4% year on year and the market share are 14% and 11.4%.


Heavy Truck up by 26% Year on Year This September

In the third party, JAC ranked No.6 in the industry and totally delivered 308 thousand trucks, up by 32% year on year, the market share is 6.3%. The sales of Dayun are 14646 trucks, up by 31% year on year, market share is 3%. SAIC-Hongyan totally delivered 11151 trucks, up by 67% year on year. And CAMC and Beiben delivered 9838 trucks and 6871 trucks from Jan to Sep, down by 9% and 2% year on year, and the market shares are 2% and 1.4%.

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