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BYD Co., Ltd (BYD)


BYD Co., Ltd (BYD) is a listed company in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange who specializes in IT, automobile, and new energy. As the largest rechargeable battery manufacturer of the world, BYD not only has the largest global market share for Nickel-batteries, handset Li-ion batteries, cell-phone chargers and keypads, but also has the second largest global market share for cell-phone shells. In the auto business, BYD has kept a more than 100% yearly growth rate in the past 5 years successively and is a global pioneer in the field of new energy vehicles. Besides that, BYD has focused on the research, development and manufacturing of a wide range of new energy products, including the EV charging facilities, energy storage systems and solar energy stations. In 2010, BYD was ranked one of the most innovative companies of the world.

Saving You Thousands

Our trucks save you tons from lower costs in fuel and maintenance. Fewer moving parts, more reliability, and environmentally friendly with a payback in only a few years — buying a BYD electric truck makes cents.

Non-Toxic Batteries

Unlike Lead-Acid and most Lithium-ion batteries, BYD’s chemistry features environmentally friendly and non-toxic ingredients. This means no ventilation needed, no water needed and no worry needed.

Quite Community

Our trucks are not only good for the air but also good for the ears. They reduce your fleet’s noise pollution and is half the noise of Diesel, Hybrid or CNG engines.

Industry's Best Warranty

BYD is the only manufacturer that can stand by the industry’s best warranty on the batteries. This means our trucks save you hundreds of thousands by not needing a mid-life battery replacement.



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