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FULONGMA (Stock Code 603686) is an environmental sanitation total solution provider, who integrates the urban and rural environmental sanitation systematic planning and design, sanitation project operating and investment. The company has a post-doctoral research station, provincial enterprise technology center, and the provincial engineering technology research center. It is the national torch plan key high-tech enterprise and innovative enterprise and is the main member both in China Urban Environmental Sanitation Association and Environmental Sanitation Operation Management Committee. FULONGMA has been the first listed company that specialized in the environmental sanitation field. The stock was included in the SSE 2025 theme made in China and the sample stock of the SSE 380 index, and won the most valuable growth award of the listed company in China, and is approved by Forbes (the global celebrated media), listed as top 200 of the Best Under A Billion of Asia, 2018.

FULONGMA insists professional operating strategic and engages in environmental sanitation for many years. Keep exploration and innovation in the field of sanitation equipment, now have formed three core product systems of sanitation cleaning, garbage collection and transportation, and new energy sanitation equipment, which can meet the requirements of sanitation operations such as urban and rural sanitation cleaning and garbage collection and transfer.

FULONGMA carrying forward of Longma Spirit, “leading the environmental sanitation field” is the mission of FULONGMA, and we adhere to the core value of ”pragmatic, innovative, efficient, focused”, seize the opportunity of development by utilizing our own core technology, and carry out the synergetic development strategy of “Sanitation Equipment Manufacturing + Environmental Sanitation Service”, to realize the two-way fusion pattern, which enables 2core business of FULONGMA(equipment manufacturing and sanitation service) supporting and driving each other, to be a leader in environmental sanitation solution.


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