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JAC Ranks Top 40 in "BrandZ Top 50 Global Brands in China in 2021" List

Date:2021-12-23 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

According to the "BrandZ Top 50 Global Brands in China in 2021" report, JAC was ranking 40th among global Chinese brands, ranking 5th among Chinese auto brands, the top 20 Chinese star brands in emerging markets and the top 3 automotive brands in emerging markets, showing strong brand development resilience and growth vitality.

JAC Ranks Top 40 in

As the world’s largest brand equity data platform, BrandZ refer to Google questionnaires and Google/Youtube search indexes, combining the results of more than 860,000 global consumer surveys with the financial value and operating performance of each brand. Finally get the brand power scores form the top 50 rankings. JAC Group has stood out among more than 1662 candidate brands in 15 categories in 11 countries and regions, demonstrating the influence and reputation of JAC in the eyes of global consumers.

With a good brand image, JAC stands out from candidate brands from all over the world. It demonstrates the influence of JAC in the minds of global consumers. Up to now, JAC has established a marketing network covering more than 130 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and has won sales champions in many overseas markets. In 2021, JAC exported nearly 100,000 units throughout the year, presenting an excellent annual answer sheet.

JAC Ranks Top 40 in "BrandZ Top 50 Global Brands in China in 2021" List

In 2021, good news came from all over the world: In Chile, JAC light trucks won the local Chinese auto brand sales champion for 11 consecutive years. In Peru, JAC light trucks have ranked first in sales of local Chinese brand light trucks for 11 consecutive years relying on hard-core product strength and a competitive product portfolio. In Uruguay, JAC has been the No. 1 brand in the Uruguayan light truck market for 8 consecutive years. In Ecuador, JAC T6 pickup won one of the 10 best-selling models of the year in the local market. In Russia, there is even a panic buying boom. The sales of JAC light truck terminals rank 1st among Chinese brands. In Bangladesh, JAC has been the No. 1 brand for commercial vehicle sales in China for 14 consecutive years, and it has also won the "Presidential Industrial Development Award" issued by the Bangladeshi government. In Kazakhstan, the JAC SAP plant completed the production of the 40,000th vehicle in Oct 2021, creating a new speed for the Kazakhstan auto industry.

The export performance of fuel vehicle is outstanding, and new energy vehicle is also performing strongly: In Brazil, JAC electric light trucks have reached cooperation with DHL, Pepsi, Carrefour and other global top 500 companies. In Mexico, the high-end pure electric car IC5 was exported in batches to the local international car-hailing group, which is also the single largest electric car order of a Chinese auto brand in the Mexican market. At present, JAC electric vehicle sales account for more than 60% of the total electric vehicle market in Mexico. In Israel, JAC e-S2 electric vehicles were delivered to the taxi group company in the capital of Israels, empowering green urban traffic in the high-end European market. In Russia, witnessed by the local record agency "Russian Records", JAC iEV7S became the longest electric vehicle in Russia with official records.

JAC Ranks Top 40 in "BrandZ Top 50 Global Brands in China in 2021" List

While offline businesses are blossoming, online businesses are also advancing. In the context of the global pandemic, JAC conforms to the trend of digital communication transformation, and starting a new era of digital marketing with global dealer. Based on overseas social media, JAC develops live and short video, continues to trains influencer, and creates high-quality videos. The Innovation of business has attracted the fans all over the world, it make JAC become the most popularity Chinese auto brand in the world.

The growth of performance and the addition of honor, is a powerful manifestation of the continuous improvement of JAC's influence in overseas markets. Looking forward to the future, JAC will continue to take advantage of the country's "the Belt and Road" initiative, actively embrace the reform trend of the automotive industry, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of product structure, increase the development of overseas markets. Focus on user, constantly innovate, JAC will further promote the continuous keep going up of international business!


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