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SINOTRUCK’s Hydrogen Heavy-Duty Trucks Help Build-up of Green Ports

Date:2022-01-13 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

SHANDONG, CHINA, Jan 13 (chinatrucks.com) -- On January 8, Shandong Heavy Industry Group delivered the first hydrogen-powered heavy-duty trucks for demonstration operations in port in Jinan, Shandong province. This delivery will build up market recognition for SINOTRUK’s hydrogen-powered heavy-duty trucks and set a benchmark for the company's fuel cell heavy trucks.

The hydrogen-powered tractor head delivered this time is equipped with Weichai’s self-developed hydrogen fuel cell system and has the characteristics of strong power, environmental protection, safety, reliability and high efficiency. At present, SINOTRUK’s hydrogen-powered products have been available in a variety of applications: China’s first demonstration operation project of hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks for port applications was initiated in Qingdao Port; Its 49-ton fuel cell heavy-duty truck for highways applications with Weichai Power has run over 5,000 km on the route from Taigang, Jinan to Dongjiakou Port, Qingdao.

In addition, the recently unveiled SINOTRUK’s “Huanghe” snow wax vehicle powered by Weichai 162kW hydrogen fuel cell system, is “China’s first, world-leading and fully domestically developed” masterpiece of SINOTRUK’s hydrogen-power products. Up to 79 patents have been declared through the entire project cycle, including 21 invention patents and 24 technical breakthroughs and highlights of integration and innovation.

With the implementation of hydrogen industry policies in the second half of 2022 and the introduction of “double carbon”, the benefits of hydrogen heavy-duty trucks are growing in specific application scenarios such as ports. The total number of hydrogen-powered vehicles in operation in Shandong, including buses, forklift and refrigerated trucks has reached 848 units, according to provincial science and technology department. The province has built 22 hydrogen refueling stations with a daily hydrogen supply capacity of 20,000 kilograms. Shandong province has launched more than 30 hydrogen fuel cell bus routes with a total mileage of 1500km. Qingdao port has deployed 6 rail-mounted cranes and 3 port container trucks powered by hydrogen, initiated the build-up of 1 hydrogen refueling stations, which will be gradually expanded to pipeline hydrogen supply, hydrogen port facilities and Green Energy Supply, enabling it to be China’s first “hydrogen+5G” smart green port.

According to estimates, the sales of China’s domestic hydrogen heavy-duty trucks are expected to reach 3500 units in 2022.

Ouyang Minggao, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Vice Chairman of the China EV 100, predicted that the ownership of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles dominated by commercial vehicles in China will reach 50-100 thousand as of 2025, which will be increased to 800-1000 thousand by 2030-2035.


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