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Dongfeng Dana TD360 Rear Tandem

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  • Dongfeng Dana TD360 Rear Tandem
  • Dongfeng Dana TD360 Rear Tandem
Product Description
TD360/Product Introduction

TD360 product is a tandem duplex military drive axle independently developed by Dongfeng Motor Corporation in the 1970s, with a rated load of 2*4T and a maximum output torque of 15,000N.m. This product has been maturely applied to Dongfeng Automobile Company's EQ series military vehicle market.

TD360/Product Characteristics

The structure is a punch-welded axle housing, with light weight and convenienct accessory welding, which is convenient for vehicle layout and multi-model matching;

The distribution of braking force is more reasonable, with larger braking capacity, wider brake shoe, and longer replacement mileage;

The tandem final drive has a compact structure, which is convenient for the arrangement of the drive system of the vehicle;

The gear speed ratio series has a large range, which is convenient for matching multiple models and gives users more choices;

The tandem shaft has a good strength and rigidity, with a longer service life of the tandem shaft and gear;

With multiple optimization designs and higher product quality grades, the axle assembly performance is more reliable.

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