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Dongfeng Dana TD300H Hub Reduction Axle

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  • Dongfeng Dana TD300H Hub Reduction Axle
  • Dongfeng Dana TD300H Hub Reduction Axle
Product Description
D300H/TD300H/Product Introduction

300H product is a two-stage wheel-side deceleration axle independently developed by Dongfeng Dana Axle to meet the requirements of high horsepower, large ground clearance, overload and large output torque of heavy commercial vehicles, with a maximum output torque of 55,000N.m.

D300H/TD300H/Product Characteristics

Strong bearing capacity and long fatigue life of gears;

The wheel end adopts tandem lubrication mode, which requires lower temperature and has higher service life of wheel end gear and bearing;

The wheel side reducer support frame barrel adopts an integral cast steel structure, making a stronger overall rigidity of the wheel end;

Large-capacity, quick-change brake and high-performance brake drum are adopted, with better braking performance;

High-performance oil seal and maintenance-free wheel unit are optional to meet the matching requirements of high-grade commercial vehicles.

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