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Fuwa Low-Loader Series Axle

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  • Fuwa Low-Loader Series Axle
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❶ Specially processed one-piece spindle of high quality low alloy steel, which possesses strong loading capacity, long life, light weight and remarkable performance.

❷ P shape straight or tapered spindle with medium-frequency quenched bearing journal possesses strong anti-fatigue ability.

❸ High machining precision of the braking system makes the braking performance more stable.

❹ Q shape heavy-duty brake integrated with powerful return spring.

❺ High-performance non-asbestos brake lining with excellent braking performance and long life.

❻ The camshaft integrated with special seal ensures no grease can go into the brake drum, which ensures safety.

❼ The new type hub cap matched with O sealing ring has excellent sealing performance.

❽ Meet US FMVSS-121 and Australian ADR 38 standard.

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