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C&C U platform 6x4 mixer truck (LNG)

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  • U platform 6x4 mixer truck (LNG)
  • U platform 6x4 mixer truck (LNG)
Technical Parameter
Product Description
U platform 6x4 mixer truck (LNG)
mainly suitable for the  domestic commercial concrete transportation market.
Main capabilities
1.High reliability
(1)The way beam and the cross beam of chassis are made by the high strength alloy material, which is strong and durable.
(2)The way beam adopts the imported Italian flexible roller type machine, achieve the roll forming one time and effectively avoid the material damage during stamping.
(3)The left and right connected shafts of suspension are made by forging, the strength is greatly enhanced, and the stress is greatly reduced.
2.High security
(1)The cab adopts cage structure, high strength and energy absorbing body. From the impact test, in line with the requirements of the European ECE-R29 regulations on frontal impact, side impact, top pressure and end drilling.
(2)The brake pressure reaches 10BAR, the brake distance is more shorter and more security.
(3)Passed the impact test of commercial vehicle cab occupant protection in the national quality supervision and inspection center on 2012.
3.Economic and environment friendly
(1)Use of green power and national IV emission standard, fully meet the requirement of national emission regulations.
(2)The torque of engine is big, more fuel saving when running in the economic speed range .
4.Integrated design
The chassis and the upper body are designed synchronously, reserve the position and space for modification, realize the seamless connection as a whole, avoid the damage to the chassis in the process of machining, more security to the vehicle CAN bus and other electric appliances assembly.

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