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40 Units of C&C U380 Trucks Delivered to Bohua Logistics

Date:2016-10-10 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On September 30, C&C Truck and Baohua Logistics delivery ceremony was held in Zhenjiang. C&C delivered 40 trucks to Baohua successfully.

40 C&C U380 Trucks Delivered to Bohua LogisticDelivery Ceremony of 40 C&C trucks to Baohua Logistics

The delivery of U380 trailers is specially designed for dangerous chemical products logistics transportation. With power train of low speed large torque and low speed rate, U380 is the first choice of dangerous chemical products transportation. ABS+ASR and RSC system can reduce the tire wear and accident possibility to avoid rollover accidents and the safety is greatly enhanced.

40 C&C U380 Trucks Delivered to Bohua LogisticLeading officials from Baohua Logistics took photos with C&C trucks

In addition, the C&C trucks equipped with a combination of strong team management function. On the one hand, they can analyze the data collected by the CAN, such as   statistical analysis of vehicle fuel consumption according to the engine fuel injection data. On the other hand, it can analyze the driver's driving behavior and operating habits, and help the driver to optimize driving behavior, thereby enhancing the economic and safety of vehicle operation. It can be said that the fleet management is the intelligent truck operation solution that C&C truck dedicated to the users.

40 C&C U380 Trucks Delivered to Bohua LogisticC&C U series trucks


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